About Us

More Than PharmacistsWe're Your Long-Term Health Team

Pratt’s Compounding Pharmacy, with more than 20 years of experience, is Kamloops’ oldest compounder. What does that mean? It’s simple. It means we craft our medicines here in our lab, alongside the leading brands of medicines and vitamins. We provide products and services that our clients can’t find elsewhere, some of which are discontinued. We focus on getting our customers taking the right medications based on their own DNA and saliva testing. This process allows our customers to solve complex imbalances and issues with very little troubleshooting and side effects. This not only saves our customers time and money, it creates a path to bettering their overall health.

Our ProcessTailored to Fit Your Needs

We are dedicated to offering products designed for the improvement of your general health and well-being, as well as for treating any specific medical conditions you may have. We are happy to offer one-on-one consultations, so you always feel comfortable with your treatment plan.

Chris CameronBSc.Pharm, RCSHP

Chris loves the daily interaction with his patients and is continually looking for new ways to help his patients whether they are big, small or part of the animal kingdom. He is a big advocate for preventative medicine and is passionate about striking back against controllable risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and the general aging process, so much so he started his sister company Pratt’s Wellness and Weight Loss in 2013. He is happy in his compounding lab creating more handcrafted pharmaceuticals to help all his patients.

Working With Insurers

Pratt's deals with all insurers electronically. We accept and deal directly with all third-party insurers including Alberta Blue Cross, Blue Cross, Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB), Green Shield, Shared Health, Rx Plus, Excess Share InsuranceESI, Nexgen, Johnson Inc., Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP).

Community Involvement